The Shine Network Institute

The Shine Network Institute (TSNI) is an Indigenous not-for-profit organization providing professional development programs, advocacy, and mentorship, for Indigenous women in the film, television and media sector. TSNI is committed to knowledge gathering and knowledge sharing, understanding that culturally informed research practices will deepen our understanding of the needs within the communities we serve. 

We are committed to dismantling systemic and structural barriers Indigenous women face in the screen sector and creating pathways to advancing Indigenous women’s careers within the screen sector while creating safer spaces for all Indigenous Peoples in the industry.

“We must uplift, protect and celebrate the voices and perspectives of Indigenous women. There are too few of us working behind and in front of the camera. Those you read about are doing incredible and important work yet represent less than 1% of Canadian content creators receiving funding. When that changes we will witness a monumental shift in our collective narrative and we will all be better for it.”

Jennifer Podemski, Founder and CEO

About Us

The Shine Network Institute is a direct response to the chronic underrepresentation of Indigenous women on screen and behind the camera in Canada’s media production sector.  What began as a digital space to share content created by Indigenous women, has evolved and rebranded into an Institute where professional development and advocacy lead. Through its professional development stream, The Shine Network Institute will offer courses, workshops, mentor sessions and much more. As an advocacy body, TSNI strives to break down systemic barriers in the screen sector through a variety of efforts including re-education initiatives for industry stakeholders (unions, guilds, production companies, networks) that introduce industry specific cultural safety, cultural competency and trauma informed practices. 

The statistics show that the current industry paradigm is not working for Indigenous women and The Shine Network is committed to shifting this grim reality.

The following graph, courtesy of the 6th Women in View on Screen Report 2021, reflects the reality for Indigenous women in Canada’s screen sector between 2017 and 2019.

Indigenous Women in Media

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A Digital Symposium hosted by Jennifer Podemski

A collection of candid and intimate conversations with Indigenous women reflecting on their experiences in the film and television industry.