International Sámi Film Institute

Helps Sámi people create, produce, and distribute films in the Sámi language.

International Sámi Film Institute2024-06-06T21:09:18-04:00

Wapikoni: Mobile Studio

Mobile studio for intervention, training and audiovisual creation for indigenous people in Québec, Canada.

Wapikoni: Mobile Studio2024-06-06T21:09:04-04:00

Métis Women of Canada

National Indigenous Women’s Organization democratically mandated to represent the Women of the Métis Nation

Métis Women of Canada2024-06-06T21:08:20-04:00

Métis Nation of Ontario

MNO is the government of Métis people and communities in Ontario.

Métis Nation of Ontario2024-06-06T21:08:19-04:00

Beendigen’s Talk4Healing Helpline

Free support and services to ensure women and children have a safe environment to live [...]

Beendigen’s Talk4Healing Helpline2024-06-06T21:08:08-04:00