Legal Vault & Resources

Legal Vault – Coming Soon!

The Legal Vault is a private, password-protected portal, providing access to legal templates for Indigenous content creators and producers.

These custom designed templates will be industry standard with the addition of culturally specific elements designed to support Indigenous people. This project is designed to break down one of the barriers to success for Indigenous producers in the screen sector. Lawyers are expensive and often inaccessible to emerging and intermediate level producers. This vault offers a wide selection of legal templates related to all areas of production from concept to delivery and beyond. As a seasoned producer and production company owner, Jennifer Podemski has spent 20+ years developing ways to ensure cultural safety and promote Indigenous ways of knowing within the screen sector. One of the greatest barriers she has identified is navigating through the legal process. Not only is it expensive, but it is also a system that doesn’t always work well with Indigenous content and processes.

From option agreement to distribution agreement and everything in between, the expectations for Indigenous producers to sign agreements do not promote or foster healthy or safe relationships for Indigenous people. In Jennifer’s personal experience, peers often find themselves pressured to sign agreements quickly because of looming deadlines, leaving little opportunity to thoroughly assess whether these agreements truly align with their needs. Often without the finances available to support hiring an Indigenous lawyer in addition to our entertainment lawyer.

The concept of the Legal Vault Project was created as a mechanism to eliminate this barrier, empower Indigenous producers thus building capacity for Indigenous people within the screen sector.

Every legal agreement template within this vault will be created by a team of seasoned entertainment lawyers and Indigenous lawyers who specialize in intellectual property and Indigenous practices and protocols.

Experience dictates that bringing Indigenous lawyers alongside entertainment lawyers, will build stronger protections for Indigenous storytellers and the communities they represent. This process can be very costly and time consuming.

The templates will be available for free to members.

Indigenous framed, culturally supported legal documents for entertainment industry, production and partnerships, anchored by Indigenous ways, knowledge, protocol, and practice. This project addresses a gap in the screen sector and which we believe is an innovative solution and approach.

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The following is a list of resources and film/media arts festivals that have shown support to Indigenous filmmakers.

Please visit each festival directly for details on their dates, eligibility, and policies. If you know of an Indigenous resource or film festival that we’ve missed, we’d love to know. Please contact us at

“Speaking Michif” Lessons in Michif-Cree for the Whole FamilyLanguageslanguages
#Next150 Challenge “Welcoming Indigenous Languages”Languageslanguages
7th Women in View On Screen Executive Report

Women in View’s 7th On Screen Report documents women’s employment in Canada’s publicly funded film, television and documentary from 2019 to 2021 with data on Black women, Indigenous Women, Women of Colour and Gender Diverse people who identify beyond the binary of cisgender men and cisgender women throughout.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Aboriginal Employment and TrainingJob Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Aboriginal Populations in Canadian Cities

Research and statistics about Aboriginal People in Canada.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Academy of Canadian Film

Discover resources and programs about the Canadian film industry, offered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the largest non-profit professional media arts organization in Canada.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Alberta: Screen Funding Programs

Provides screen-based funding for the creation of Alberta-made content and stories.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Alianait Arts Festival (Iqaluit, Nunavut)Festivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Alliance of Women Directors

Non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women and gender non-binary directors working in the entertainment industry.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
AMAAS: Media Arts Sponsorship in Alberta

Sponsorship program to support media art projects, presentations, performances, and productions in Alberta, Canada.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
American Indian Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa

We learn about Indigenous culture and take control of our health and wellness.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
APTN: Indigenous Scholarship Program

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network offers scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, or Métis students living in Canada.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
APTN: Internships and Jobs

APTN provides paid internship and work experience opportunities to Indigenous post-secondary students.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Arica Nativa: International Rural and Indigenous Film FestivalCentral and South America, Festivals in Mexicocentral-and-south-america festivals-in-mexico
Art of the Real, Film at Lincoln CentreFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Artic Indigenous Film Fund

Supports films and filmmakers with Indigenous origins.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Asinabka Film and Media Arts FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Assembly of First Nations

AFN supports First Nations in Canada through discussions, advocacy, legal analysis, and building relationships with governments, businesses, and the public.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Assembly of First Nations – Language resourcesLanguageslanguages
Athena Film Festival: Creative Development Program Fund

Helps filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds with funding and skills for women-centered film projects.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Athena Women Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Audible Indigenous Writers Circle

Six-month mentorship and workshop program for emerging First Nations, Inuit and Métis writers in Canada looking to elevate their stories.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
Augsburg College: Film Studies

The Augsburg University film program offers a comprehensive study in film-making, combining practical skills with critical analysis and ethical considerations.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Australian Birrarangga Youth Film Festival

Short film made by youth from Ayacucho.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Available Light Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Banff Centre: Indigenous Leadership Programs

Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership programs help leaders learn how to set goals, take focused action, and track progress for their communities and organizations.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Beendigen’s Talk4Healing Helpline

Free support and services to ensure women and children have a safe environment to live in, free from violence. Available 24/7 (Talk, Text, Chat).

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Bell Media Youth Training InitiativeYouth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Bell Media: Funding Programs

Support for Canadian media content makers

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Big Sky Documentary Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Bill C-91 June 21, 2019 (Canada)Languageslanguages
BIPOC Writers Resources

Film festivals, fellowships, mentorships, and more for BIPOC writers.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Birrarangga Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Boomerang FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
California’s American Indian and Indigenous Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Canada Council for Aboriginal Business

Mission is to promote, strengthen and enhance a prosperous Indigenous economy through the fostering of business relationships, opportunities and awareness for all of our members.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Canada Council: Arts Grant

Programs that support artists, arts professionals, groups and organizations in Canada.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Canada Council: Indigenous Arts Grant

Support for Indigenous individuals, groups, and arts organizations to strengthen the Indigenous arts community.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Canada Gov. – Teaching and Learning Resources for Aboriginal LanguagesLanguageslanguages
Canada Media FundGrants & Fundinggrants-funding
Canada’s New Indigenous Language OfficeLanguageslanguages
Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics – OmniglotLanguageslanguages
Canadian Film Centre

Intensive programs in film, television, screen acting, music, and digital/immersive media.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development …Languageslanguages
Capilano University: Indigenous Digital Filmmaking Diploma

The Indigenous Digital Filmmaking programs at CapU offer high quality creative and technical training for Indigenous students interested in film and TV production.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
CBC: Workshops

This series connects industry organizations with emerging producers and underrepresented content creators, providing insights on the business and financing of film, TV, and digital content.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
CBC/Radio-Canada : 2022-2025 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan

This plan aims to make CBC/RadioCanada more diverse both in its content and workforce by increasing diversity in leadership, retention, promotions, and key creative roles.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Center for World Indigenous Studies: Courses

Educational resources and online courses focused on indigenous studies and knowledge.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
CFC: Screen Based Programs

Intensive programs in film, TV, and digital media to empower Canadian talent for successful careers in a constantly evolving industry.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Chicken & Egg Pictures: Programs

Programs that support women documentary filmmakers at various stages in their careers.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Cine Las Americas International Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa

The cINeDIGENOUS series focuses on global Indigenous filmmakers and their influences within cinematic culture

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
CMPA: Mentorship for Canadian Media Producers

The CMPA provides mentorship programs for aspiring Canadian media producers, offering hands-on training with industry experts and working to remove barriers for underrepresented communities.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples represents the interests of Métis, status and Non-status Indians, and Southern Inuit Indigenous People living off-reserve in Canada

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Controversies Around Endangered Indigenous Languages in the ArcticLanguageslanguages
COOP Vidéo: Program for Indigenous People in Québec

Support for First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists in Québec, Canada in the development and financing of their film projects.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Coverfly: Screen writing competitions

Database of all screen writing competitions.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Cowichan Valley Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
DOC: Free Consultation with a Producer

DOC Business Concierge offers filmmakers free sessions with an experienced producer for project advice.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Dreamspeakers Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Earth Guardians: Indigenous Youth Initiative

The IYI program trains Indigenous youth in leadership, focusing on environmental and Indigenous rights, using both online and face-to-face methods.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
ECU’s Creative Tech Fundamentals Courses

Microcredentials to ignite and accelerate your career in animation, visual effects and game development.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Edmonton Screen Office: Funding

Invests in screen media projects, helps with location scouting costs, offers rebates, and contributes to marketing and consulting expenses.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Elaine Alec: Author of “Calling My Spirit Back”

The framework outlines three key areas to create safe spaces: necessary conditions, protocols, and perspectives.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Employment and Training Support Services to Indigenous Women

Employment and training support services to Indigenous women across Canada.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Entrepreneurial Skills ProgramTraining & Workshopstraining-workshops
Evolution of Indigenous Filmmaking in Canada

The evolution and significant milestones in Indigenous filmmaking in Canada.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Festival Cine Alter’NatifFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Festival International du Film D’AmiensFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
FICDH: International Human Rights Film FestivalCentral and South America, Festivals in Mexicocentral-and-south-america festivals-in-mexico
FIFO: Oceanian International Documentary Film FestivalFestivals in Asia and South Pacificfestivals-in-asia-and-south-pacific
Film about Indigenous Youth in Thunder Bay

Report on an Indigenous youth film project in Thunder Bay, Canada.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Film Crew’s Guide to Working in the North

CION’s programs remove barriers, enabling individuals to pursue their passions and explore various career opportunities in the North’s film and television industry.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Film Event Accessibility Info

The Film Event Accessibility Working Group is all about harnessing community power to increase accessibility at film festivals and events throughout the film industry.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Film Job DescriptionsIndustry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Filming in Nunavut

NFDC is responsible for fostering and promoting the development and growth of the film, television, and digital media industry in Nunavut. Resources for filming and Funding available.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Filmmakers Without Borders: Grants

Support for independent filmmakers around the world via grants and other funding initiatives.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Filmmaking Research NetworkIndustry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Screenwriting contest.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
First Nations Film and Video FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
First Nations University of CanadaTraining & Workshopstraining-workshops
First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Publishers and Distributors

Guide to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis publishers and distributors.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Online Language Learning ResourcesLanguageslanguages
Free Career Transition Service

Career transition services for professionals in the arts and culture sector.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Free Online Courses on Reconciliation and Indigenous Education

Three free online courses that dive into reconciliation and Indigenous education from global perspectives.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Free Online Film and Television History Courses

Learn about film and TV history with free undergraduate-level classes. Topics include film criticism, silent films, Shakespeare, storytelling, and TV broadcasting.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Free Online Training for Production Assistant Position

Program for underrepresented communities in film and TV, offering free online training with potential job opportunities as Production Assistants in Alberta.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Free Self Defence Class to Indigenous Women

A free self-defense class for indigenous women (age 12+).

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Free Virtual Course and Database for BIPOC

Free video online course to train people for the following positions: writer’s PA, writer’s assistant, and showrunner’s assistant.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Fresh Films: Free Online Filmmaking Program

The program teaches practical film-making, from planning (pre-production) and technical aspects (like lighting and camera work) to editing. Finish with a collection of your own film projects.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Gabriel Dumont Institute

The Gabriel Dumont Institute’s mission is to revitalize Métis culture through research, educational materials, and specialized programs.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
GEMS: Emerging TV Producers Program

Training and mentorship for up to ten women and gender-diverse creators, with the goal of providing business skills, training and connections to break into the complex Canadian TV production system.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts celebrates the exceptional careers of artists from Canada with the GGArts.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Guiding Principles for Presenting Indigenous Work

Guiding principles when it comes to presenting Indigenous artists.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Hawaii International Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Health Promotion and Education

Developing “comfortable” engagement with Elders participating in an arts-based sexual health promotion and STBBI prevention workshop for Indigenous Youth in Labrador, Canada

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Helping Native American Youth Tell Their Stories Through Video

In this video, Tracy Rector discusses Native Lens, a program that offers filmmaking workshops for Native American youth.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Hollywood Diversity Report 2023: Film

Annual report that examines the link between diversity and financial performance in the Hollywood film industry.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Hollywood Diversity Report 2023: TV

Annual report that examines the link between diversity and financial performance in the Hollywood TV industry.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
HOMEGROUND FESTIVALFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Hot Docs: Canadian Storytellers Funding

Funded by Netflix, this program is for documentary filmmakers looking to grow their creative and market potential, offering funding and intensive workshops on storytelling, market readiness, and career development.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
ICC Kids: Facts about Inuit Culture

A page to teach kids facts about Inuit people and their culture.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
IllumiNative: Guide for Native Representation in Entertainment

This guide helps writers and creators in the entertainment industry make realistic and respectful content about Native peoples for TV, movies, and other media.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
ImagiNative: iNdigital Youth Collective

Team of young artists in Ontario, encouraging Indigenous youth in digital arts through collaboration and community.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
imagineNATIVE: On-screen Protocols & Pathways

A media production guide to working with First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures, concepts, and stories.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
In Focus Film School: Free for Indigenous Students

Indigenous students can receive up to 100% non-repayable financial support to study Film Production, Screenwriting, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Documentary, or Graphic Design in Vancouver, Canada.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Indianer Inuit: North American Native Film FestivalFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Indigenomics Institute: Indigenous Economic Development

The Indigenomics Institute is the leading research, education, and engagement platform for supporting the rebuilding and design of Indigenous economies of Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Indigenous Awareness Webminar

Learn more about the issues facing Indigenous peoples today from historical and critical perspectives.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool

Searchable list of bursaries, scholarships and incentives aimed at Indigenous students across Canada.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Indigenous Climate Action

Indigenous-led organization guided by a diverse group of Indigenous knowledge keepers, water protectors and land defenders from communities and regions across the country.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Indigenous Environmental Network

IEN helps Indigenous communities protect sacred sites, nature, health, and build sustainable economies.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Indigenous Film Summit

The ISS hosts the Indigenous Screen Summit Pitch Forum, where Indigenous producers can pitch their scripted drama, comedy, and unscripted/documentary projects to Canadian and international buyers in front of an industry audience.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Indigenous Filmmakers Association

Non-profit collective group of indigenous filmmakers working to grow the Indigenous film community in Winnipeg & Manitoba.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Indigenous Films by and about Native Women

New Indigenous-themed films, each with a female Native producer and/or director.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Indigenous History Film and Culture

Lakehead University’s Research Guides focuses on Indigenous Learning, specifically films, videos, and radio related to Indigenous languages, the impact of colonialism and racism, residential school experiences, Aboriginal history and culture, and more.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Indigenous Language Organizations and InitiativesLanguageslanguages
Indigenous Language Teaching – Research Guides at Lakehead …Languageslanguages
Indigenous Languages – Teaching and Learning – University of SaskatchewanLanguageslanguages
Indigenous Languages in Canada – Canadian Commission for …Languageslanguages
Indigenous languages—Learning and teaching resourcesLanguageslanguages
Indigenous Languages: Maps, Apps & WebsitesLanguageslanguages
Indigenous Media Makers Database

The Global Indigenous Media Database connects media makers worldwide to promote narrative control and cultural strength.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Indigenous Native Languages :: Deepening Knowledge – OISELanguageslanguages
Indigenous News Sources

Databases and collections include Indigenous news content such as newspapers.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Indigenous Screen Office: Funding

Support of Indigenous talent, communities and companies in the development, production and marketing of screen content.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Indigenous Screen Office: On-Screen Protocols and Pathways, Tools and Resources

How to respect Indigenous traditions and values in modern movie-making, including how to work properly with Indigenous communities, actors, and crew members, and in partnerships.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Indigenous Screen Office: Training opportunities

Toronto, Ontario

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Indigenous Territories Map

App that maps Indigenous territories, treaties and languages.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Indigenous Wellness Canada

Workshops and presentations cover traditional healing and modern techniques to help people from all backgrounds.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Indigenous Youth Fellowship

Supports young Indigenous leaders between the ages of 17-28, who are eager to learn about technology, media, Indigenous Peoples’ rights and more.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Indigenous Youth Film – Past EventYouth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Indigenous Youth Roots: Funding for Projects

Indigenous youth (age: 15-29) are eligible to apply for funding to support community programs and projects while receiving innovative mentorship, training and capacity-building opportunities.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Indspire: Indigenous Education

National Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Inspirit Foundation

Inspirit aims to change narratives by diversifying representation in TV, film, arts, and journalism.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women

Non-profit organization that serves to amplify the voices of Indigenous women on the issues and challenges they face

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
International Ethnographic Film FestivalCentral and South America, Festivals in Mexicocentral-and-south-america festivals-in-mexico
International Sámi Film Institute

Helps Sámi people create, produce, and distribute films in the Sámi language.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

Global human rights organisation dedicated to promoting and defending Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
International Year of Indigenous Language 2019 – ResourcesLanguageslanguages
Internationale Kurzfilmtage OberhausenFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Internationale Kurzfilmtage WinterthurFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

The national representational organization protecting and advancing the rights and interests of Inuit in Canada

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
ISET: Education Funding for Indigenous Women

The NWAC ISET program helps Indigenous women and gender-diverse individuals fully participate in economic opportunities.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Kairos Canada

KAIROS is dedicated to a respectful, equitable, and rights-based relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada and worldwide.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
KANIEN’KEHA LESSONS – Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of EducationLanguageslanguages
Kanua: Floating Amazonian Film FestivalCentral and South America, Festivals in Mexicocentral-and-south-america festivals-in-mexico
LA Skins Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Language — LearnMichifLanguageslanguages
Language for Life: – First Peoples’ Cultural Council – BCLanguageslanguages
Language Loss | Facing History and OurselvesLanguageslanguages
Language Preservation Courses and Programs – UVic …Languageslanguages
Learn Cree Free Online – Languages – ATS-group.netLanguageslanguages
Learn Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) [Eng] | FirstVoicesLanguageslanguages
Learning Languages | Nukskahtowin | Athabasca UniversityLanguageslanguages
Lessons – Ojibwe.netLanguageslanguages
LIFT: Film, Digital and Interactive Art Workshops

Training in all aspects of filmmaking and media arts. Workshops are taking place on evenings or weekends.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Louis Riel Institute

Programs based on Métis culture are combined with learning in a fun environment.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Manitoba Film Funding Programs

Funding programs aimed at the development, production and marketing of projects shot in Manitoba.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Mapping Indigenous languages in Canada | Canadian GeographicLanguageslanguages
Melbourne International Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Métis Nation of Ontario

MNO is the government of Métis people and communities in Ontario.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Métis National Council

The MNC is dedicated to working collaboratively across the Métis homeland to fulfill the vision of Louis Riel.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Métis Women of Canada

National Indigenous Women’s Organization democratically mandated to represent the Women of the Métis Nation

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Michif | Learn our languages | Taanshi kiyawaaw! Prairies to …Languageslanguages
Michif Language – Métis Studies – Library at University of CalgaryLanguageslanguages
MMIWG: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

We will find the truth by gathering many stories from many people.These truths will weave together to show us what violence really looks like for Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Morelia International Film FestivalCentral and South America, Festivals in Mexicocentral-and-south-america festivals-in-mexico
Moriland Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Mother Tongue Film Festival (Recovering Voices)Festivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Moviola : Filmmaking Courses

Free online library of over 3,000 filmmaking videos.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Myrna: Courses on Trauma-Informed Engagement for Professionals

Customized courses for lawyers, judges, officers, administrators, investigators, regulators, and leaders on trauma-informed engagement.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
N’we Jinan: Integrative Arts Studio

Helps Indigenous youth gain creative and practical skills useful beyond school. Each studio also offers a Youth Artist Assistant role to assist teachers during the program.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
NAB: Indigenous Languages and Cultures Funding Program

Supports the production and distribution of Indigenous audio and video content.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
NASC: Indigenous Awareness Workshops

Online workshops designed to promote awareness and understanding of Indigenous people’s experiences; both historical and contemporary.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
National Association of Friendship Centres

NAFC represents Friendship Centres across Canada, advocating for urban Indigenous communities and supporting their missions.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

NCTR preserves Residential School Survivor stories, educates Canadians, and promotes reconciliation on Indigenous lands.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition

NIMAC is the Indigenous branch of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), part of a nonprofit organization representing independent media arts organizations in Canada.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
National Research Council – Language ResourcesLanguageslanguages
National Screen Institute Canada: Media Programs

Customized training, networking opportunities, personalized mentorship, small class sizes and online and in-person training.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Native American Hand Talkers Fight to Keep Sign Language AliveLanguageslanguages
Native American Sign Language – Indian Country TodayLanguageslanguages
Native American sign language: Illustrated guides to 400 gesturesLanguageslanguages
Native and Indigenous writers and storytellersIndigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Native Filmmaker Initiative: Big Sky Documentary Film FestivalYouth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Native Indigenous Student Academy Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Native Spirit Film FestivalFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
NATIVe Stand Fellows Program

International professional-development opportunity for Indigenous producers to attend the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin with 1-2 market-ready feature film projects.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Native Women Filmmakers Program

Program focused on building a more inclusive and equitable industry for Native and Indigenous Women. Fellowship will be awarded to seven filmmakers.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
Native Women in Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Native Women in Film: Scriptwriting Lab

Intensive scriptwriting lab that is designed to develop native women writers to further their careers in film and television industry.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Support for Indigenous women and their families in Toronto, Canada.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Native Women’s Association of Canada

National Indigenous organization that advocates for the rights and perspectives of Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse people, inclusive of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis in Canada.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Native Youth Media Project

Vision Maker Media’s Native Youth Media Project turns the natural storytelling abilities of Native youth into skills for creating short media pieces.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
New Brunswick Film Coop: Grants (including Indigenous film grant)

Non-profit organization involved in the production of 16mm and HD films.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
NFB: Collection of Indigenous-made films

Online collection of Indigenous-made films.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Nuku’alofa Film FestivalFestivals in Asia and South Pacificfestivals-in-asia-and-south-pacific
Nuuk International Film FestivalFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
NYSHN: Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Organization led by Indigenous youth, addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights across the U.S. and Canada.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Ojibway and Cree Language ClassesLanguageslanguages
Ojibwe Language Certificate | UW-Eau ClaireLanguageslanguages
Ojibwe language resources Nantakikentan Online LearningLanguageslanguages
On Screen Manitoba: Job Opportunities

On Screen Manitoba leads, builds and represents the media production industry in Manitoba.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Onkwawenna KentyohkwaLanguageslanguages
Online Course: Rights of Indigenous People

This online course enhances knowledge of indigenous peoples’ rights as stated in the UN Declaration.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Online Encyclopedia for Producing Independent Performance Work in Canada

Free, searchable online encyclopedia of information, resources, tools, and templates for producing independent performance work in Canada.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
Online Learning Materials for Grades 9-12

Fun online learning materials for Grades 9 through 12, all created by TVO education and media professionals.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Ontario Creates: Film & TV Funding

Ontario Creates offers film industry funding through its Film Fund and supports both the film and television sectors with international business development programs and the Export Program.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Ontario Creates: Research & Industry Information

Online research library on the film and television industry including industry profiles and annual production statistics. Accessible 24/7 and contains hundreds of Ontario Creates-funded and other industry studies.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

Aims to make life better for Indigenous people in cities by helping them with their chosen activities.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Ontario Native Education Counselling Association

Tools and programs designed specifically to improving Native counselling and education services.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Ontario Native Women’s Association

Nonprofit organization that empowers and helps Indigenous women and their families in Ontario through research, advocacy, policy development, and local programs.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Origins: Festival of First NationsFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Pauktuutit: Inuit Women of Canada

Pauktuutit is the national representative organization of Inuit women in Canada

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
PEI: Funds for Indigenous Arts and Film Production

Funding programs for Indigenous Arts, Film Production, and more.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
PictureNL: Funding and Sponsorship Programs

The Sponsorship Program offers funding to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and organizations involved in the screen industries to promote local products.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Plains Indian Sign Language – WikipediaLanguageslanguages
Plains Indian Sign Language: Resources – HandSpeakLanguageslanguages
Pocahontas Reframed Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
POETA DigiSpark: Digital Skills Training

This project offers digital skills training tailored for Indigenous People, focusing on economic opportunities through technology in the Americas.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
POV: Film and Media Programs including Indigenous Production Assistant Training

POV’s programs offer diverse creatives technical, mentorship, and social skills training for workforce entry, including Media Training, Production Assistant Training, and en/VISION Lab.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
Présence Autochtone Montréal (First Peoples Festival)Festivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
PRIMAA : Filmmaking Resources

Learn the essentials of story writing, scene construction, and professional-grade filming through these three diverse videos.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Prince of Wales – Northern Heritage CentreLanguageslanguages
Production Designers Resources

Collection of links to associations, organizations, publications, websites, festivals related to production design.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Profile of Indigenous Canada

Indigenous socio-economic and demographic trends.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Promise and Prosperity: the Aboriginal Business Survey

Research about Aboriginal small business owners across Canada.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Qaggiq : School of Performing Art

Various training for performing arts (acting, arts, music, etc). Open to all emerging and established Arctic performing artists throughout Canada

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Quebecor Fund: Support Program for Producers

List of Canadian production companies that will receive financial backing in the 47th round of the Fund’s Television Production Assistance Program

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
RBC: Indigenous Youth Scholarship

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship grants annual scholarships to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students in Canada, recognizing academic achievement and community contribution with significant financial support for up to four years.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Red Nation Celebration Institute

Native-led organization representing American Indian & Indigenous Nations in media arts and culture.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Red Nation Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Reel Canada: Career Resources

Career resources designed to offer opportunities and professional growth in Canada.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Reel Opportunities: Opportunities

Career opportunities in Canadian Film and TV.

Job Opportunitiesjob-opportunities
Reel Youth Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Reelworld Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
ReelWorld: Programs for Canadian Racially Diverse Talent

Programs and events to support the professional growth of Canada’s diverse artists, aiming to enhance their skills and network within the creative community.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
Rematriation Magazine

Platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting Indigenous women’s voices, culture, and identity.

Publications & Guidespublications-guides
REMC: Research About Racially Equity in the Screen Sector

Research reports focusing on racial equity in Canada’s screen sector, including a national data system, benchmarking for racial equity, and evaluations of the sector’s racial equity,

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Rotterdam International Film FestivalFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge

Through Sacred retreats, workshops, live events, virtual events, sacred circles, healing processes, and online courses, the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge helps women, men and all-gendered people to name, reclaim and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Sarasota Native American Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Saskatchewan Ânskohk Writers’ Circle Inc.

SAWCI is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting Métis, First Nations, and Inuit writers of all genres through service, workshops, readings, and events.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Saskatchewan Polytechnic: Free Online Indigenous Studies Course

This course focuses on Indigenous culture and history, particularly as it relates to Saskatchewan and examines the theme of reconciliation in Canada.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Saskatchewan: Film & TV Grants

Grants for television and feature film projects, supporting production in Saskatchewan.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik

Non-profit organization whose mandate is to advocate for Inuit women and children and to support positive and healthy communities.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Screen Craft: Screenwriting Contests

Various screenwriting contests

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Seattle, Washington USAYouth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
See Jane: Media Diversity & Gender Study

Research-based organizations working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence the need to dramatically improve gender balance, reduce stereotyping and create diverse female characters in entertainment.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
SFU: Indigenous Digital Media Grants

One-time financial support to SFU researchers, creators, and makers to cover costs associated with the development of Indigenous digital resources.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Shaw Rocket: Funding for Canadian Content for Kids

Financing high-quality Canadian children’s, youth and family creative experiences and initiatives.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
She Is Indigenous: Who are Indigenous Peoples in Canada?

Key questions about Indigenous Peoples in Canada, identifying who they are, the appropriate terminology, and how individuals can engage in reconciliation efforts.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Six Nations school launches app that teaches people to speak …Languageslanguages
Skábmagovat: Indigenous People’s Film and TV FestivalFestivals in Europefestivals-in-europe
Skoden Indigenous Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
SODEC: List of Financial Assistance Programs for the Audiovisual Sector

Financial support for artists and businesses to help them create and promote diverse works.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
St. John’s International Women’s Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Storyboard Tutorials

Online tutorials for advanced visual storytelling techniques and concepts.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Study about Inclusion/Exclusion of BIPOC Women in Film

Study exploring why BIPOC women are often included or left out of professional networking events across the country.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Sundance Film FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
Sundance: Collab Screenwriting ProgramTraining & Workshopstraining-workshops
Sundance: Indigenous Programs

The Sundance Institute Indigenous Program supports global Indigenous storytelling through labs, fellowships, screenings, and gatherings tailored to the needs of Native and Indigenous storytellers.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Sundance: Youth Initiative

This program offers young filmmakers (18-25) year-long mentorship, learning opportunities, and access to Sundance Ignite on-the-go programs to develop their skills.

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Support Services for Indigenous People

Resources are available to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people in Canada

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
Sydney Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Teaching Indigenous Languages – University of WinnipegLanguageslanguages
Telefilm Canada: Support for Indigenous Film Initiatives

Funding to support stories created and controlled by Indigenous storytellers and filmmakers.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Telefilm: Funding ProgramsGrants & Fundinggrants-funding
Telefilm: Indigenous Working Group

Indigenous Working Group – a vital feedback and consultation tool.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Telefilm: Industry Resources

Industry resources for filming in Canada.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
The En’owkin Centre

Educational programs to enhance Aboriginal culture, language, political development and leadership and excellence in Indigenous Arts training.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
The Energetic Field: Auras Explained

The National Healing Foundation website focuses on auras and their significance in personal and spiritual development.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
The First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

The Caring Society stands with First Nations children, youth and families so they have equitable opportunities to grow up safely at home, be healthy, get a good education and be proud of who they are.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
The ReFrame Resource: Tools & Insights in the Screen Industry

A hub of research-based best practices, actionable tools, and inspirational insights to advance equity in the screen industries.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Top Film Schools in Canada

All the best films schools in Canada.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Top Four Indigenous Languages of Canada – Alpha Omega …Languageslanguages
Toronto International Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
U of Alberta: Indigenous Canada Course

12-lesson free online course exploring the history and perspectives of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
UFV: Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights, and Land Claims Certificate

This certificate equips you with practical skills for understanding and communicating rights, title, and land claims, including film, oral history, legal analysis, and more.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
United Voice of the Arctic

Represents all Inuit from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Chukotka on matters of international importance.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations
University of Denver/Anthropolgy: Indigenous Film & Arts FestivalFestivals in USAfestivals-in-usa
University Of VictoriaLanguageslanguages
Uvagut TV: Inuktut TV Channel

Canada’s first national Inuktut television channel .

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Vancouver Film School: Programs

15 post-secondary programs that provide industry-standard techniques and skills for careers in acting, animation, film, screenwriting, programming, makeup, sound, digital, game, or VR/AR design.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Vancouver International Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Vision Maker Media: Fund for Native American and Alaska Native Media

Funding programs available to Native American and Alaska Native media at all stages of development.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Wairoa Maori Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Wapikoni: Mobile Studio

Mobile studio for intervention, training and audiovisual creation for indigenous people in Québec, Canada.

Indigenous Organizationsindigenous-organizations

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Youth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Weengushk Film Institute

Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) shall be a centre for capacity building in the audio-visual arts for aspiring Indigenous and diverse artisans and filmmakers through the provision of education, training, and their creative journey to promote cultural, ethnic, and artistic vitality.

Indigenous Film & Mediaindigenous-film-media
Weengushk International Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
WGC: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report

Report about the composition of writers’ rooms across Canada. This is part of the WGC’s efforts to work towards addressing issues of historic underrepresentation.

Industry Research & Insightsindustry-research-insights
Whistler Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Whistler Film Festival: Talent ProgramsTraining & Workshopstraining-workshops
Why Indigenous languages matter | Canadian GeographicLanguageslanguages
WIFT: Women in Film & TV

WIFT Toronto offers a calendar of programs and events for career growth, offering networking and learning opportunities at every career stage. Explore the options to shape your success, achieve goals, and celebrate accomplishments.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops
Winda Film FestivalFestivals in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)festivals-in-australia-and-aotearoa-new-zealand
Winnipeg Aboriginal Film FestivalFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
WINNIPEG ABORIGINAL FILM FESTIVAL Winnipeg, MBFestivals in Canadafestivals-in-canada
Winnipeg Film Funding Programs (Including: Program for Indigenous Women)

Funding for filmmakers to create, market and screen films in Manitoba, Canada.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Women Make Movies: Production Assistance Program

The program supports filmmakers with services like fiscal sponsorship, consultations, workshops, and networking, aiming to increase diversity in the film industry, particularly among BIPOC/ALAANA, LGBTQIA, older, and disabled women.

Grants & Fundinggrants-funding
Woodsworth College: Indigenous Film SeriesYouth Opportunitiesyouth-opportunities
Writers and Filmmakers Program

Mountain Culture at Banff Centre offers exceptional programs and an inspirational setting for writers and filmmakers.

Training & Workshopstraining-workshops