With over 25 years of experience, Annick Obonsawin has been performing ever since she was a child. As an Actor, Annick has starred in shows like YTV’s 90’s Cult favorite “Squawk Box”, “The Adventures of Shirley Holmes” and “Goosebumps”.

She performed in many seasons of Shari Lewis’ “Lamb Chops Play Along” and had the honor of working with Graham Green,Tantoo Cardinal and August Schellenberg in the movie “Silence”. She continues to work as a Voice Actress in Award Winning shows like “Cyberchase”, “Total Drama Island”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “ The Cat In the Hat Loves Christmas” and “Mighty Express” which is currently on Netflix. Annick was the front woman for the Toronto Rock Band “Harlot”. She won “The John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her song “Maybe” and was a finalist in both The World Billboard Songwriting Competition and the USA Songwriting Competition. In 2015, Annick created the hybrid bridge series “Can You Imagine That?!” (TVO Kids/Radical Sheep)”- a show that allows children to experience their career of choice, explained and explored through their eyes, art and imagination. Incorporating her passion for music, writing, and performing, she now creates educational and entertaining programming for kids with a focus on comedy and self-esteem. Her rock band, uniquely for kids, “Merlz and Pearlz” are set to premiere their new series on social media in the new year.

I think there is a beauty to being oblivious and not being sure as to why you don’t fit in, or maybe you do fit in, but being very aware that OK I know I don’t fit in and this is what I am going to do to survive.

—Annick Obonsawin