Nicole McCormick is a proud Kanyen’kehá:ka (Mohawk) woman, whose family is from Six Nations of the Grand River territory. She is the Managing Assignment Editor at CityNews Toronto and Breakfast Television.

Nicole has worked as a journalist, behind the camera, for twenty years and has worked in both Canadian and American news markets. Outside of her role in newsroom, Nicole is the founding member and spokesperson for the Rogers Indigenous Peoples’ Diversity Network. She encourages conversations and provides a safe space for people to questions and understand Indigenous culture, history and the uniqueness of our communities.

When I think back, I’ve worked in six or seven major television stations and one radio station throughout the start of my career. It’s not just one story it’s a culmination of a few, I remember I moved to the States for a while, I was in California in a newsroom and there were no Native Americans, they didn’t know what Indigenous meant...but they did know that I was something unique so they tokenized the hell out of me.

—Nicole McCormick