Shine With Us

Shine the spotlight on Indigenous Women in the screen sector

At The Shine Network Institute, we want to empower Indigenous women to thrive. With a focus on the screen-based media sector, we are committed to dismantling systemic and structural barriers that have kept Indigenous women from thriving within the sector. Through training, mentorship and advocacy we strive to provide the most effective pathways to success that offer sustainable and lasting outcomes.

Indigenous women are the most under-represented voice in the Canadian screen-based media sector. Based on a 2021 study by Women in View, Indigenous women held less than one percent of key creative roles across the Canadian film and television industry.

We want to eradicate this reality by providing Indigenous women with the tools, resources and training that lead to opportunity, advancement and radical transformation of the Canadian film and television landscape.

Our capacity to achieve this depends on the generous support of community members and supporters like you. Your donation will catalyze our mission to address the chronic underrepresentation of Indigenous women in this sector and cultivate more equitable and inclusive spaces for Indigenous women across the screen sector.

The Shine Network Institute is a registered non-profit organization, not a registered charity. As such, we are unable to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes.